Subject PDP

Throughout this year I have learnt a lot about the importance organisation. With the dissertation out of the way I was now left with the little time to produce a final project ready for submittion in coming days. During this term I had explored different ideas and messages regaurding the Syrian refugee’s that was a current event at the time. It was interesting to see my project evolve along side the news throughout time when the world learnt more and more on the subject matter itself. My views changed when I came to realize why we wouldn’t simply let them in and maybe there is a sense of danger within the masses.

Each idea was explored and I wanted to take almost a journalistic approach to this project. To start with I wanted to just understand a refugee, so began painting and drawing from images found of scenes within this world of Syrian refugees. This was not only done to understand the situation I am dealing with but a way into getting new ideas for me to use as a final piece.

As I was painting, more and more horrific scenes were published over the media of what was currently taking place within the world. This had an influence on my ideas and each new piece was adapted along side media. After a few pieces of work I began to realize that this subject was simply too complicated to illustrate as one or indevidual stories. I needed something different so began to take a step back from the whole situation and began to explore the idea of making links between everyone’s veiw (refugees, west).

The idea of the shadow crept up, something that can escape horror, but cannot be trusted when they wanted to be seen illustrated what was unfolding perfectly. Making links between land, sea and war began to represent the people I wanted to speak for. They are simply stuck between borders. I can understand why they may not be ideal for allowing into the west as what we have also learnt is that there is a sense of danger that comes with the people. We over in the west don’t want to admit it but we have become afraid of terror that has wedge itself and spread through the fires of war. This ties in slightly with my dissertation as I have already touched apong how culture plays a part in veiws and that we are already at war with people like Isis because of it, but yet still have that fear of getting too involved. You could say we are a lot like Syria and just trying to do the right thing, but in these circumstances we just don’t know whats the right thing to do or who to trust.


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