Encounter PDP

After a stressful week of show building I have finally mannaged to piece together the last stages of my show. What I have learnt from this experience is the importance of planning as well as team work. The show required a lot of different skills, some of which I had no idea how to execute so needed friends help and demonstration from skilled professionals.

The idea of this encounter module is to simply show your work to outside people to communicate a veiwpoint. What I wanted to communicate is that we should be taking more notice of the people we have coming to us for help from Syria. I didn’t want to illustrate the refugee’s story as a whole but yet focus on the journey and idea of them being like shadows with no one really understanding what to do with them or even if they can trust the person calling for help. Heavily inspired by current events I explored the reasons as to why we over in the west may not feel the need to trust the people outside our lands as there is that sense of fear of possible attacks that can come with them. At the start of this project I didn’t understand why we didn’t help everyone and let them in all at once, but as the news played out and I watched, I started to see reasons why they couldn’t just simply let them all in. This is what I wanted to communicate, the idea of the shadow, made from earth and trapped by sea in the middle of no where. It is simply unfair to labble all people as ‘refugee’ and possible terrorist. So they remain hidden within no mans land, trapped surrounded by battleing and people afraid to get involved.

This project was very hard to illustrate, I wanted something different from others and I suppose its a lot like being a journalist without an opinion. I wanted to take a step back from the whole situation and comment in a none bais way to simply shed light over the shadow and say look this is whats happening. What I have learnt through my time studying this subject was that the conflict simply isn’t against just two sides, its a lot more complicated then that and what I’ve read somewhere that Syria is like a mini world war with in my veiw the innocent refugees stuck in the middle of it unable to escape. And with too many voices shouting about what they think is the right thing to do the only voices that really matter is the people trying to simply live a normal life.

And represent this idea I thought of using ceramic clay figures that give us the idea of people however they are really just fragile shapes of shadows, each with there own stories that have become lost in the masses. I want the viewer to be taken back by the pure number of these figures, a lot like the border gaurds who are confronted by these numbers and what they see, the figures don’t have faces so we cannot tell who exactly they are. I also tried to illustrate the refugee’s view by the way they themselves are made, using beutiful hand made ceramic clay figures to represent them, the clay becomes old and worn out toward the end of the journy to give us the idea of the long treacherous journy they have to undertake. The idea of earth and water from the paintings to represent them going from land to land, small to show how fragile they are within earths nature. only to be left stuck and abandoned by the world in the middle of no man’s land, the water that seperates them from the world.


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