Mass production – ceramic refugees

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 22.33.14

Views from the shed studio’s floor today as millions of ceramic refugees have turned up out of no where!

I am starting to feel a lot like a EU border gaurd as I am wondering what to do next with the number of people I have within a confined area. The process has taught me a lot in terms of people on both ends. On one hand as stated before the idea of not be able to deal with the pure numbers that have arrived, mean while the point of view from the refugee’s, as I tried to capture and imaging different short stories within each sqaure. I came to realize that the square bases had become the refugee’s world, and that I can manipulate this idea by creating familys and different circumstances that may occur at the time. What I later discovered is that no matter how many of these ‘short stories’ I had made, they become lost in the masses. Some of my favourate pieces had morthed into a giant mass that I no longer recognize.

And the pure number of them and constant movement from place to place had turned them into pure havoc. It was as if they became alive


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