Refugee idea – Experiment 3

By Arron Hamer

By Arron Hamer

After the past experiments I have decided that maybe I want my message to communicate the idea of the refugee’s being ignored by the world as it seems like no one is actually helping them in anyway even though we seem to be well up to date as to whats going on. The war in syria is very complicated with so many people with different views, even Russia and the West has there’re input which to me is madnes as in the end the only people who’s views should matter is those who simply want to live. If they cannot turn to there own people for help, nore the freedom promises from the west then where can they turn and this was an idea that I have (unfinished one) showing what the world is missing. Everyone seems to be blaming eachother for the crisis, killing and supporting different fractions which fuel the conflict while the people are left outside our borders as we pretend we arnt as involved.


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