Charity – Sketchbook idea 1

Sad bear

Sad bear

Image of sad bear for a Childrens Cancer charity. I have later decided against this as I felt that the message would be wrong if it was sad in order to get people more involved with a children’s charity. People who face cancer don’t want to see all sad depressing things and I feel that it is probably more suitable to try and cheer them up in some way and offer support. This whole project was as if I was walking on egg shells, I was constantly worried of doing something so personal that I didn’t want to give out the wrong message.

Even though I knew that I wasn’t going to be using any sad imagery, I felt it best to at least explore that route to see if I can generate even more ideas to represent the charity through illustration. Illustration is such a powerful communication tool that you can take it down so many different routes and say what ever you want through a visual language. But I had picked a charity so close to my heart and personal in so many ways that I really didn’t know what to say even after I have looked into what other people were doing.

Now that I look back over what I had created in my sketch book, I do feel that there is still some use in this image as I personally quite like the idea of sad bear. Not for the charity but maybe for an album cover or something else in future.


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