Charity – Outcome

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These are my finals for this project. Your probably thinking that they look nothing like the ones before and that I’ve gone off on one which is usually how I work. But I really felt that none of the images before really worked for this charity in the eyes of a kid. After all this is about them and the images I created before were either sad or appealed to an adult. What I figured is that the charity had no images that shown others that it was a children’s charity and one of the few things children love to do is draw. So I thought why not draw like a child in an attempt to illustrate in they’re voice what the charity does. The charity might be small and local, but their main aim is to try and make people in need a bit more happy through raising money in their own way, which is usually anything and everything as long as the money in the end goes towards a good cause. From children’s events to band nights, its pretty hectic and random if I am honest and left me no leads on what to do. Which is why I took on board what I have learned from my field (play and creativity) and just went for it not knowing what exactly it was that I wanted to accomplish.

I feel that whatever it was that I set out to do this is the one that was most suitable out of the rest of work that I have created. Let’s face it, this is a children’s charity and its about them so I wanted them to put their stamp on the charity in order to make other people more aware of what they do. That is what I set out to do in the end, simply create awareness which ended up trying to create an identity for the charity to use.

I still don’t plan on actually using these images, but I know that if they needed me I now have something to work off. The idea of community and by your side are the best messages in my opinion to use for this charity and I tried to show that. Not only that but the whole community idea has also given me another idea where maybe the charity can work with illustration themselves and bring people together. These posters are far from the best thing I have ever done with plenty of advice from tutors on how to improve them but if I’m honest I feel that I do not want to improve them but rather take forward the idea I have got from completing this and putting it into a new project in future if I ever wanted to revisit this.


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