Play and Creativity – Final outcome

Just some paint - Arron Hamer

Just some paint – Arron Hamer

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Some of the above are not completely finished but while going into creating something with a different mindset and mainly for nothing I feel that I had successfully created something where I was actually really relaxed in doing, and I also think that the viewer can see how I was feeling through my pictures pale, calm colors that I have used. My main inspiration is what really relaxes me which is usually when I’m away from the situation and simply going as simple as I can get. I find that I am at my most relaxed state when I away from people and man made obstacles. I am starting to think that its maybe other people who creates most of my personal stress because with people more complex things follow, while nature is simple and not unusual. The sound of water is proven to have a relaxing effect on people and other ideas of relaxing is simply things where I literally give myself no room to get stressed. I really feel that people have a special connection with nature that they need in their everyday lives but don’t really realize it. It is thought that by simply introducing plants into the workspace the moral and production of that enviroment gets enhanced which I really think has something to do with evolution and being subconsciously in a more familiar enviroment. This is something I wanted to bring back to my home and workplace. So had created things with this in mind which tends to relax me a lot more. Although this will not completely stop my stress I do personally feel more relaxed when I look at the images so can safely say that I have successfully managed to make something which helps me personally.

I also think that I understand when I work best and what makes me stressed to start with. Everyone will at some point get stressed but I feel that these images will help me personally by brightening up my workspace and enviroment. Whether they have a similar effect on other people I do not know as everyone is different. But my main projects goal was my own personal well being so mainly focused on understanding more about myself which I feel I have. It would now be interesting to see what other people find relaxing and whether or not my theory of that link between nature and well being is something that helps not only me.


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