Tribal trees – Calender

All 3 tribal trees - Arron Hamer

All 3 tribal trees – Arron Hamer

Although these are nothing like what I first set out to do (in my head), I ended up using them anyway because I fell in love with the creative process I did whilst creating them. At the time I was working on another project that needed tree’s, so I was playing around with different ways to recreate a tree that I am not normally used to doing (playing). What ended up being is by completely on accident and I think that it was heavily inspired by the style of music I was listening too and the shed I was working in giving it that dirty, tribal wood look. At first I was just painting normally with techniques I am used too but later on accident started to adapt and use tools I found within the shed to scrap away thick layers of paint and started to play with motion.

If I am honest, I was totally submerged with playing around with outcomes that I didn’t really think about what brief I am trying to meet which I think played in my favor as I allowed myself the freedom to do whatever I wanted, and better yet I found a brief I could use it for whilst learning totally new techniques on accident.

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All the above was heavily inspired by my workspace (shed) and experimenting with ways to recreate a tree. My main idea here was to capture the warmth within at times cold nature through playing around. Tools I used aren’t really what you’d expect to find an illustrator using, some of which I had no clue what they were made for or what they were called but what I found was that each had a certain slightly different effect on the paint then the other. My strokes with the nail was narrow and deep, allowing me to remove parts of the paper to give it that white glow, whilst things such as the oily washer I stole from my motor bike gave the piece a more wider, smooth effect that was effective at recreating the leaves and trunk of the tree. Other tools I don’t have a clue what they are called, although they seemed to do the job good with adding yet more slightly different effects!


Outcome - used DIY tools to scratch away paint


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