TED Talk Presentation

Presentation Link

Here are some screen shots of the images used from my TED Talk presentation. There is a link right above with the actual presentation in but the images below are just briefly illustration my idea which was to discuss the super collider.

This whole project I love from the start as it allowed me to study probably my greatest idols ‘Brian Cox’ who does a TED talk on the super collision project that he is currently working on. This project is currently probably the most important around in terms of developing our understanding in not only just space but how everything in life is formed themselves. Scientists already understand a lot about the laws of nature, but there is one piece that is still missing that they know exists and thats mass.

Mass everyone should really know of, and without it we wouldn’t be able to touch anything, so we know that it exists but yet scientists have yet to find that very particle that creates mass. Most things are made up of chain reactions that form bigger molecules but yet we have still to discover where mass itself comes from. This talk and experiment was just that and I always am fascinated with how Brian manages to illustrate his lectures by using easy to understand metaphors in order to help us none scientists understand. In a way he is a lot like an illustrator only he doesn’t draw but uses found objects to demonstrate.

What I have found with this project is that even though I know nothing about what this project was about, I found myself using what I have learned in the past, his lecture and my own imagination to try and demonstrate what it is that he is trying to say through illustration myself. I do not really know if any of those drawings are actually right, but I thought of using a realistic approach to try and picture what is happening in order to translate to a third party.

If I am honest, I think that doing stuff like this is probably my most preferred and I’d like to get into it a lot more and hopefully use my own hobby and role as an illustrator to try and help teach people in the future.

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