Play and Creativity – PDP

During my time studying Play and Creativity I have learned a lot more about my own personal well being as well as glimpses of how other people work. What I have found out while studying the course is that a healthy well being is a real important part of creativity as it allows us to be in a state of mind which allows us the maximum potential to produce something more powerful.

From this course I mainly wanted to understand more about myself personally as I have always came across creativity blocks and walls during my time at study. This has always had impacts on my work and self confidence and I wanted to try and understand why I hit these walls and ways for me to get around them. What I have come to release is that most of my blocks come from a time where I am really stressed, so I tried to keep narrowing down why I was stressed and ways to improve to help me overcome similar situations in future.

I have learned a lot about how people think in different environments and that by over thinking things a lot like a adult isn’t always the best move to consider while trying to create something as a lot of the time adults won’t allow themselves the chance to fail which is a part of the creativity process that allows us a chance of a accidental better result. What I find is that I do not allow myself the freedom to fail because of lack of time left or the worry of being self failed over something I am not proud of. I try to push myself too much which adds to the stress when things don’t go my way. What I have noticed is that the very thing a should be doing I am not allowing myself which is the very thing of play.

I have come to notice how much more accomplished my results were in the past when I allowed myself to play but time after time I find myself being drawn out of my playfulness and into a state of mind where I am worried of going wrong. I had also found this during my project where I kept changing my mind on a outcome until I come to realize why it was in the first place that I was getting stressed and that’s perfection issues. Once I had noticed what makes me stressed (giving myself a hard time and worried of failure) I later tried to remove it by looking at what makes me more relaxed which I found to be mostly things where I removed myself from the situation and ended up in a more simple relaxing place. Usually within nature I find or sounds of natural water running where I like to put myself in a totally new area away from everything in my own mind. Using this I later go on to creating paintings where the making of them I was in a relaxed state which was done when I removed the worry of creating something for someone. Instead they were to be used as nothing and simply decoration for myself in my own workspace to hopefully brighten it up a little and help motivate me into working better.

I find that when I removed all boundaries and convinced myself that the work being produced was for nothing, I gave myself no reason to be stressed even though the deadline was gloaming which didn’t help. Using this state of mind as well as play really helped me achieve results that I am proud of and I feel that they actually work for me personally as in make me feel more relaxed when I look at them. Using nature/sand/water and calm colors as my inspiration I feel that I have managed to bring out results which can help a certain enviroment by brightening up the place a bit. The use of simplicity and feel really helped me just go with it and create unique worry free results in both spectating and the creation of the piece.

This course has really shed a lot of light on myself as well as other people’s mindsets. We often overlook a lot of things or think too much into something that we simply don’t allow ourselves the right to failure. Society has beaten out the chance to fail without worry which return has kill playfulness. Now that I understand a little more into where I personally am going wrong, and even though I cannot completely remove stress, I plan to try and minimize it in future and allow myself the chance to fail and placing my paintings in my workspace to help keep me more relaxed. (a lot like when people introduce plants)


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