Play and Creativity – Pareidolia

Here are some examples of ideas that was at the time where I wanted to take my project. (However this changes at a later stage)

From looking at simple things such as a brick in a wall, I had noticed glaring eyes peering back at me which automatically turned the brick into a character that is redrawn below.

Robots/brick monster concept - Arron Hamer

Robots/brick monster concept – Arron Hamer

I had noticed that I was doing this everyday subconsciously (mainly when alone and deep in thought). It is as if the outside and my surroundings already have most of my answers which I take snippets of inspiration from in my every day life and now that I have noticed it, I’d like to do something on it in future.

Some more Pareidolia that I have found;

What do you see?

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Going off what a friend suggested, I would say that I have to agree that most of the pareidolia that I had found were subconsciously human like or had eyes. I think that eyes were one of the main things which made my brain switch into a mod where I turned a object into a character. However I do not think that this is the only way as light one shining threw my windows suggests. I am not sure if being tired and real relaxed has something to do with it but a lot of the time while laying in bed looking out the window a lot of images and ideas pop into my head while I study water marks etc.. on my window which can back the theory up of how important a relaxed well being can be in the idea generation and process of creativity. One a person isn’t as relaxed you do not allow your mind to wonder or it is mainly focused on that one thing which is stressing you out in the first place which is something I am starting to think that I do a lot when I get stuck.


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