Play and Creativity – Journey photos

Journey Photographs Blue; (longer one with friend)

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Photographs from journey Red;

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What I have found from both these walks is that I tend to come up with a lot more ideas when I was alone rather then with a friend where we both stuck with one (even though there was more inspiration around). I also found that my levels of stress increases with closer I came to the deadline which added even more pressure for me to come out with an outcome which I was at the time struggling to do. What I found is while I was with a friend I had one main idea which was to go out and use whats around me as inspiration for pieces. These were ideas from pareidolia that basically means that my brain recognizes things such as clouds or trees and can generate faces or characters out of them that I was hoping to draw from. But while doing this the main focus of mine was what relaxes me more over where my inspiration comes from.




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