Play and Creativity – Pay attention!

We also learned that someone who pays attention more to tasks and there surroundings often find themselves with improved well being as you limit or minimize stress levels by understanding the task a little more compare to someone who has no idea and was not listening. People do not often realize this but our attention is always going from one thing to another, some more than others and we often ignore a lot of things we are so used to.

For example our lecturer tried to prove this by asking around 5 people to blind fold themselves and then in a line to walk from our studio around the building and back again while taking directions off none blind folded students. After the task the blind folded students were asked what they noticed and there thoughts and many said things like “Smells”, “Sounds” and even “difference in the air” which is mainly because of the other senses heightening because of the lack of sight. This shows us that often things go missed and its totally normal as our brains simply cannot manage to remember every bit of data it collects.

What I have learned from this experience is that ways to improve attention can be when you block out everything else and just focus on that one thing which can be harder at times due to distractions in your environment which is probably why I tend to work better alone.


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