Play and Creativity – None focus.. to focus..

Focus - Arron Hamer

Focus – Arron Hamer

This is an extension of the last exercise but this time the paper was a lot larger and on the floor to try and get us a lot more engage with the piece. The outcome again didn’t matter on what it was or what it looked like and was set to try and show us the difference between focusing and not.

To start with I sat myself down in the middle of the paper and then just blocked out everything and focused on breathing a lot like the last piece. But every now and then my lecturer would come around and place a object in the middle of the floor which we was then told to draw. This was aimed to try and get use understanding the difference between focusing and not while just going with it which both work hand in hand to create much more interesting outcomes.

With this experience though I think that I kind of got the idea of the feeling between which is which but I didn’t really understand when I was more focused or not as sometimes I was concentrating on breathing that much that it felt no different to when I was drawing. However that being said this session has tort me that by just going with the flow and allowing myself the chance to make mistakes I am able to create better things. I feel like most if not all my stress comes from a time where I do not allow myself to make a mistake as I feel like I will be judged on it at a later date and even run out of time to actually create something self satisfying.


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