Play and Creativity – Being Journey


Journey one – Blue

This was done with a friend where we both walked around 6/7 miles away while taking photographs while exploring both urban and hillside environments. Our main aim was to try and capture objects or things of interest that I could later use in order to create a illustration out of at a later date.

What I found was although this was fun at the time I felt that my idea was a lot more weaker and we both simply didn’t take as much notice as to our surroundings even though we were in a area which neither of us have not been in since we were children.

Journey two – Red

This one was done on my own at a time where stress was building because of me not having confidence in my first idea. What I did here was simply go out at a time just to get away from what stress I had created and to forget about all my ideas as a whole and to start again from scratch without the worry of the end results. What I found here was even though the journey was a lot shorter and took place in similar areas, this short amount of time and journey manage to give me a lot more ideas then the first one and I also found and took notice of a lot more things which I thought I could use at a later date and it even gave me another different idea to use.


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