Play and Creativity – Being Experience

This was a short exercise set to see if being alone and taking notice of your surroundings can help generate more ideas. We were each told to go out alone and to come up with a poem while taking inspiration from our surroundings. For me personally this exercise did not really work although I think it was mainly because I was told to come up with something withing 20 minutes so that was playing in the back of my mind a bit while I tried to come up with a outcome. However what I have noticed while studying where ideas may come and the types of environments I have came to noticed that I maybe one of those people who tend to rather work with other people but work better alone.

I normally come up with ideas when I am alone and relaxed and from reflecting on myself personally I have also come to realize that most if not all of my best works have sourced from a time where I was alone or just playing around without worry. Even though at the time this exercise did not work because of me worrying about the final outcome which had an effect, I do feel like I understand the motive of the exercise which was to try and take us away from all the distractions and force us into that state of mind where we simply take notice more and reflect while simply *being there*. A lot like meditation where you force yourself to forget everything around you and even thoughts to simply be present. This is another thing I have tried in the past and I believe it helps me personally get over things such as stress or depression as I allow myself to get out of the situation and not over think things which I tend to do.

Ian's self being - Arron Hamer


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