Play and Creativity – Tester tree

Texture from wall - Arron Hamer

Texture from wall – Arron Hamer

This was a photograph that really stuck out for me on my second journey and really sparked a good idea. At this stage I have changed my mind from looking into pareidolia elements more because I thought that I already understood roughly where I can generate more ideas. But from the journeys and looking back over things I now started to realize that my main problem is more deeper then idea generation but more my stress levels as a whole which are and have had a massive impact on my creativity thinking. I have learned a lot more about where some of my ideas come from and also when which is when I am alone. But that doesn’t solve my main problem which I think is stress and doubt which puts a hold on everything I have thought about. Because of this I have decided to look into why I am getting stressed and ways to improve it.

While using a image which really sparked a idea and while using the pareidolia thought process, I had decided to act on it and try to create the image I have had in my head at the time which was a tree with similar color pallet.

Results; (unfinished)

Unfinished tree tester

Unfinished tree tester

I am going to admit, this is probably the worst painting I have ever tried and I had given up half way through due to stress. But from this painting and actually looking into why I was stressed I had learned a lot more about myself so this was mainly a piece about the process rather then the outcome. What I have found is that when I allowed myself to play my picture was involving a lot more in a direction that I didn’t know the end results. You can see this by the way I had used the paint in a very thick fashion which I have never tried before and in a motion where I try to recreate the flow of air. My first thought was to actually recreate the texture from the wall but instead I thought I wanted to change the way I usually do things and actually have some fun which really changed the end results. Another factor I had found was that the time left til the project needed to be finished was constantly in the back of my mind and added extra stress. This was really enhanced when I started to study the tree and try to recreate it within the picture, and as I usually build things up in layers the tree wasn’t the way I wanted it to be so yet more stress was added until I started to have a lot of doubts on me passing the brief. While creating the picture I was in a environment where people were talking and doing other things which really didn’t help me concentrate on what I was doing, and because I couldn’t think of ways to change or enhance my idea I decided to give up on its and simply look back over why I was stressed in the first place.

What I had gathered is that it was going well up until the point where I had to focus and get things exactly how I imagined it in my mind. When this didn’t happen and the added pressure of being judged with a pass or failure on top it really started to stress me out which actually gave me a idea. It was obvious that my enviroment and mindset really had impacts on my stress levels so I decided to look into that and now create pieces which I personally find relaxing to create and can even help improve my enviroment in order for me to concentrate more or to even liven up the place a little bit. These wont have to mean anything, or even be for anyone else, so I take back literally every possible reason to get stressed to see what impact this will have.



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