Play and Creativity (Week 2) – Where Do i get my best ideas from?

Where Do My Ideas Come From?

Everyone is a lot different with how they process ideas and where or when about they come from. But from what study has suggested is that most people’s best creative ideas source from a time when they are at there most relaxed/calm state of being.

I personally found or realized that most of my own ideas come from a time where I allow myself to dream and just have fun without that worry of whether or not it will go wrong. What I found is when I am able to be relaxed and happy, I start to want to create my own things which doesn’t have to fit in with anything else and I am simply doing it for fun. These are things with no boundaries and no knowledge of how I am going to do them which is usually when I accidentally push myself if I ever wanted to have a good outcome.

It is my own self goals which really gets pushed when I am surrounded by people with positive attitudes who have the same vision as me it really pushes me into trying harder.

Another thing which I have found that I do a lot of is pareidolia. Which means that when im and doing things such as laying in bed I like to look at things and then try to recreate them in my head into faces or characters. This I have never really thought of exploring it is something that I usually do not take any notice in even though the things I am imagining are really unique which hasn’t been inspired by other people in any shape or form. This is literally me using what is around me to steal and turn into my own.



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