Play and Creativity – Types of Environments

As I learned before environments can have a positive or negative impact on someone’s work which I feel can depend on the person. Some people may work better within a space full of other people while others might not be able to concentrate in those areas and prefer spaces more closer to home and quiet.

Types of environments

  • Social environment – Where other people are present and can help simulate creativity.
  • Collaboration space – Similar to the above however you are working with someone.
  • Reflection space – A place out of the way of other people where it allows you to think to yourself more.
  • Spaces for play – can be with or without people and allows you to work without the worry of messing up or making a mess of the area.

When looking over these I’d say that I am personally a bit of everything. Because although I bounce my ideas off enthusiastic people, they mainly source from a time where I am alone by myself. But I cannot really speak for everyone and people may or may not work similar to me.

Another thing that I have found about which is interesting about spaces is that by introducing simple things such as a plant is thought to help improve the output of a workplace. Many companies will try and create a certain atmosphere which allows people the concentration in order to work and it is thought that plants can help with this. It would be interesting to see why plants are thought to have such effect?

It could have something to do with life itself and a plant is the most basic but everyday object that we humans see. We cannot get away from plants and maybe when we do it has a negative unnatural effect on us? I am not sure this is just a thought as to why plants are meant to have this impacts.


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