Play and Creativity – Cures for Stress!

While being stressed it will have a negative impact on your creativity as you maybe worried about something completly different to what it is that your doing or simply have not allowed yourself the resources or time inorder to complete something which can lead to creativity mental blocks as you are scared of messing up with the short time that you have. I find this is something I get from time to time nearer to my course deadlines which is something I have tried to overcome in the past by removing myself from the situation as a whole and then coming back to it.

From this lesson I have learned that ‘When stressed find something that gets you out of it i.e. a area which takes your mind off it’ which is something I have been doing myself that helps. I also like to listen to running water when stressed as its my way of getting more relaxed and forgetting about what it is I am being stressed over. I have also found that while removing myself from the stress and doing something else, other ideas tent to peep up out of no where which can help resolve your problem or going back to something with fresh eyes can really help you understand things a little better.


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