Play and Creativity – Bus, Bath, Bed rule

Things to remember!

Bus – Being on the move can help you relax and side track your mind.

Bath – Water can help relax you

Bed – Either dreams or that in between state can help you come up with new and interesting ideas.

Again using me as a example, I have come to realize that many of my ideas spore from when I am laying in bed. This has something to do with that child like state of being which means there is less connection to reality if you like and you remove all boundaries in life and believe that anything is possible. I find that the more I allow my mind to wonder and not be so engaged with what it is I am actually seeing the more interesting ideas seem to croup up. The more I think about it too the more I realize exactly when I am most creative which is usually real late at night. This is usually when I create my most best work because I allow myself no worry of failing which in return makes me not fail which is odd?

Rather then at day when I am trying to create something exactly how I want it which is usually when the creativity blocks start to kick in and all production of work tents to stop to a stand still until I think about it in my head. This is what usually takes up a lot of time because I feel that I cannot continue unless I manage to fix the problem while at night none of that really comes to mind as I am literally just drawing for the fun of it.


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