Play and Creativity (Field – W1) – What stops creativity?

Things that can stop or have negative impact on your creativity:

  • Environment
  • Distractions
  • Health
  • Self conciseness
  • fear!

What I have learned a lot about is how environments can have an impact on your thoughts or process. As I said in the post before when I get real stressed all production of work seems to stop and I don’t allow myself that chance to move forward unless I correct what has gone wrong before. I am not the type who is worried what other people will think but not creating something I have set out to do for personal gains. These tent to last longer than needed and really effects my sleep which is supposed to have a negative effect again meaning I am not really helping the situation with the way I work things at the moment.

A way I found out to avoid this is to take myself out of the situation altogether and then come back to it with a fresh mind. Some people tend to go for walks others TV but I have found that sounds of water really get me relaxed and out of the stress state of mind and usually allows me to push my project forward.





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