Play and Creativity (Field – W1) – Pasta Tower!

This isn’t the actual tower built but I am going to use this as an example.

For this week we were set a task of building a tower using nothing but pasta, tape and a marshmallow. The idea was to get everyone working together to see who can create the tallest most interesting tower out of the class while working in smaller groups. Although I had joined late and did not take part in this exercise we found out that whilst presented with a basic task many people will always try and find out the best way to make a strong structure and are very worried in case it fell down. This is a small exercise to compare us with children who are basically the opposite where they wont really care if it stands first time run so will keep trying until its standing which not only makes things easier but the structure is a lot more interesting as a end results rather then what most students did which was just to make the most strongest structure with the marsh mellow on top.

Study suggests that the way of thinking like a child tends to be better for being creativity as we can wont limit ourselves to something which we already done in the past also we need to get out of this thinking of being worried whether or not it will go wrong and to just go with it until you are happy with the results.


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