Play and Creativity (Field – W1) Introduction into Play and Creativity

Seeing something new and unfamiliar requires that one be attentive, alert, aware and sensitive – David Bohm

Play and creativity field really theorizes something that I really think I should confront and that is “What actually motivates me to create”. There have always been days where I really wanted to draw something and play around with new concepts meanwhile other days where drawing can feel a lot more like a chore and which end results tend to be a lot more weaker. So this is the main reason why I thought it would be a good idea to look into why people may want to create and why they may also experience creativity blocks which usually tents to kill or slow me down personally with a lot of my work.

From looking back over the first week of lessons and notes I have learned about how things such as environment can effect certain people in certain ways and that in order to be more creative you also need to be in the mental state to produce work at a better rate. People tent to be at the most creativity stat when they are calm but alert, and many students agreed or suggested when asked that many of their ideas come from when they are in places such as the shower which can also help prove this theory.

Creativity is something of value,  and research suggests that when people are doing something that they really enjoy doing the results tent to be a lot more strong because what motivates them is less about things such as money and more about what they are doing so will try and push that idea as much as possible. People need to be in that mind set which allows them to create and well being is a very important part in the creativity process.

What I have learned is things such as illness, depression and stress can have a negative impact on your work which can be avoided by keeping healthy, giving yourself the time and resources and also to live in the present. This I feel has had impacts on my work in the past and they tent to all come as a package when I do not leave myself enough time to get things done so will stay up late at night which isn’t healthy, get more and more stressed which really effects my well being. From this I can start to understand where I personally go wrong with tasks that I have set myself and why not to do certain things as it is suggested it can have a negative impact on what I am doing.





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