Small Abstract Colour Collage

Small abstract collage - Arron Hamer

Small abstract collage – Arron Hamer

From a colour workshop that I did which involved doing small colour abstract pieces. At first this was done as a joke really as I tried to create something so pathetic that it would real easy become overlooked or look like simple off cuts or wasted pieced of paper that people usually see in a art space. However when you think about it art can occur from anywhere and there is no real rule as to what size they have to be. So I had decided to create loads of these mini ant abstract pieces which was an interesting test in its self because they were so small that gravity was taking hold a lot more and it was real hard to line up pieces the way I wanted. I cannot really explain this very well but imagine trying to cut a piece of hair and then layering it on top of the other piece perfectly, although its not AS extreme it was very similar as I had to try and control something smaller then my finger in a way that it creates a small representation of a abstract piece of art you would normally find. Just to comprehend how small these really were here is another photo next to a 1 pence piece.

Small Abstract Collage - Arron Hamer

Small Abstract Collage – Arron Hamer

An idea that was suggested by a tutor was to maybe create millions of these eye catching but often missed abstract pieces which can then either have their very own exhibition or to be spread around a exhibition as an *invader* almost which people will only come across when they really pay attention to whats around them. I personally love this idea and may go ahead in future and try it. Not to see whether people like my pieces or not but to see how alert people are to their surroundings and to also see what they also consider to be art and what not. I suppose its a bit like the piece *The line between what is Art* and that creators idea of testing what we really consider being art but in a different way.


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