Final Outcome – Gone Wrong

Here is my Edgar Allan Poe final outcome that has gone wrong. Although I had never made a book before I had tried to create a few tester pieces of different types of books that I could have used in order to print my designs onto. My first attempt of making a hard back book went well along with my squash book, but due to the number of pages needed I went ahead with a more simple form (hardback book) which seemed to had worked well with before but for some reason with my final piece I didn’t manage to get the results that I wanted. I have never really been any good at sowing and with my final I found it very hard to sow into the harder covers. I had made the pages the same way as before but only this time when I tried to connect the pages onto the hard cover I found it really difficult to get clean stitching done and it ended up making my pages out of line with the cover. Me being a idiot then thought that it would be a smart move to try and cut the pages so they were to create an illusion of being inline which only made matters a lot worse and now I pretty much hate the outcome.

Although I have learned a fair bit about making books, I later found a much more easy way to create the book I desire by watching how a friend did it so I think that I am later going to reprint these images and do it his way which seems to work. (only difference is that my friend would glue the pages into place rather then stitch)

Edgar Allan Book - Arron Hamer

Edgar Allan Book – Arron Hamer


Edgar Allan Poe book – Arron Hamer



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