Mind Your Own Business (Week 4) – The Sales Event

Team Stall

Team Stall

A page worth of sales

A page worth of sales

In the final day we were all gob smacked with the end results. For me it was amazing seeing people actually willing to buy our work and it gave me confidence in myself as well as my own work. This whole day really want a hit and a miss. My group and I took full advantage of both sales events in Cardiff and set up a store in both events inside the uni. Within the first few hours we had sold out on our notebooks in the first main stall mean while the other smaller in another area had just sold 1. We took the initiative to move all stoke to the main store because of bad sales in first and found that within another few hours most stock had been completely sold out bar our prints.

We tried to attempt people more into buying the prints by lowering the prices and making better deals like the *buy 3 notes books for £5* which people seemed to love. However by the end of the day we only managed to sell one print meanwhile pretty much selling out in everything else. The note books were a huge success and the tote bags were closely to follow making us in profit around £200 after we had paid back the £100 that was lent to us by the uni. For me this whole experience has been eye lifting and its given me a lot more confidence in what I do and how to get it out in the world around me.


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