Mind Your Own Business (Week 3) – Printing


Ink on mesh



Scrapping ink over mesh

This needs to be done at a slight angle to allow just the right amount of ink through. Once you had run the ink over you need to *flood* the screen to stop it from drying out. This basically means scrapping the ink back over in the other direction each time you have printed.


1st layer ink tester

The above shows what is left on the tester sheets. It is important to do a few testers before you print onto the product as we didn’t want to wreck any of the finals which we plan on quality controlling so that everyone gets the same as the next.


My final outcome

While printing we had come across a massive error with the lady bird designs. The Originals were made up of two parts, A circle and the black outline which goes over the top of them. But the circles were not exactly round which is hard for the eye to see when printing. While printing we forgot this rule and end up printing all of the circles upside down onto a book. This error could have been easily fixed if we turned the image around or just had the ladybirds up side down, but the final outcome would look as good so I had to go away and hand draw the black on a new shit which were going to be used again. Although once this was done we still found it hard to line up the dots with the black but after many thinking we thought that the designs could get away with being slightly off as it creates a more *buggy/Handcrafted* look for this certain design. We felt that as long as the first lady bird design is the same as the last, we can sell it.


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