Mind Your Own Business (PDP)

To summarize my experience while taking part in *Mind Your Own Business* is mainly positive. I think that the main reason being was how well organized my team were and how positive we were to our ideas. While studying this field many people in the business world would agree with positive attitude playing a crucial role in business and life. Many people seem to always be turned off by the prospects of trying something and putting yourself out there because they simply think that they either cannot or don’t know how. What I found from this is that many entrepreneurs all started off by not knowing whether or not to go into something and 9/10 they are each glad that they ever did. It is not only self rewarding but for us creative people it allows us to have no limits to what we can do as long as someone is willing to pay for it.

What I found is that many people wont admit this or simply didn’t want to and that’s *don’t reinvent the wheel* meaning that if you want to go into something always look at what other similar companies are doing do it better (don’t copy but steal whats working for them). Being creative gives us that edge over people as we don’t have to rely on buying and selling but instead can make from scratch and personalize things. Another thing that I have learned from this is that where you place yourself on a sales day can really effect your sales. What I found is that you not only want to put yourself in the right area i.e. A place where students are for student sales, but also I found the flow of people really effects the sales.

What I mean is that I come to realize that we had two stores in a area where students are present, these were exactly the same and targeted the same people, however the flow of people were completely different which really effected our sales. If that still does not make any sense think of it this way, we had one stall in a area where MORE people would walk past MORE often, this was in the canteen and also the center of a building meaning the flow of people going for food or simply to lessons was much greater than that in our other store which was again in a canteen but more in the corner did not make anywhere near as much. Another factor is that many of the people were simply not interested in buying in less successful stall, they were mainly interested in socializing so the flow of possible buys was heavily slowed as the none buyers would take up their seats.

This is mainly my personal intact on it, I could be totally wrong but it is still interesting to see how placement and deals can effect the sales. The main success was the note books and what we found is that after our pitch we also had real business people interested in our brand as they see us as a potential market to sell in their own companies. The whole experience is dream like to me and given the chance to do it again I’d love to and would be more than happy to take this current brand further with better designs if my group also agree. If not then I will take everything I have learned from this experience and forward that into my very own personal brand that I have already been planning for some time with friends and people more closer to home.


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