Mind Your Own Business (Week 1) – Brand identity

For my team this was probably the most important day because we see our brand identity as one of the most important things to get right, and we didn’t want to name ourselves something that does not represent us and our agreed core values. To come up with the identity we all met up as a group and found a area that was peaceful and quiet enough for each of us to voice our ideas out and after many examples of name ideas we finally settled with the name Undisputed.

Some thoughts of today is that we were not given as much time that we would like in order to come up with both the brand name and what we plan on selling. I think that because of this it has effected and pushed our results a lot more because we knew that we had to meet a deadline a lot like the real world. By meeting deadlines it helps keep us in check which is critical to us actually making something people could concider buying and ON TIME. People will know that something is rushed as the results wont always look good which will effect sales. So organization plays a real important role when it comes to try to sell something on a certain date.



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