Mind Your Own Business (week 1) – Meeting the Team!

This is the first of many posts for my field project ‘Mind Your Own Business’.

This was a subject that I took in order to gain a much better understanding into how to create and operate a basic business which I can then use in future. Although I love to create things, I have always been very interested in the possibility of starting up my own business in future, but as a art student who is very naive of everything I felt that I never really had a chance because I did not know where to even start and what it is that I would be doing. Because of this when the opportunity came around I jumped at the chance of getting an insight into the business world which I feel this field option offers.

For this module we were each put into groups of around 4-5 people from different disciplines and then told to come up with a business idea and name by the end of the day. For me personally I was placed into a group where we had a natural connection and although we didn’t have much time to actually plan a business like in the real world, we managed to really push our own opinions to form an agreed plan and idea.

What I found interesting is that by working with a Product Designer, Design and Maker, and a Graphic designer (Kirsten Mark, Clojo Bedingham and Chris Bish) it allowed my group to come up with a much broader range of ideas which I feel is a lot more interesting than a group full of illustrators.


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