Nocturne Symphonique Op.43 – Ferruccio Busoni

This is another type of Sonic art which is made in Opera form. Here the artist will simply just go with the flow to create a amazing unique atmosphere from the crowed and musicians. I have never really looked into this very much, and we had only briefly gone into this type however from what I hear from my Sonic art tutor these experiences are original and unique every time and all feed off the audiences reactions at the time.

To me this is very interesting as I am always a person who likes to know what people want in my work as my aim is to try and make money in the end which means I have to get people to like what I do. This is always a area that I would like to work on as any advice is always good advice, and the way the orchestrator conducts the sounds are very similar in a way, as he will know and try and create a sound which really harmonies the mood of the building at the time, so like me has to try and understand the people he is working with and his audience.



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