Constellation – PDP

While studying Sonic Arts I have learned a lot about how to see the world which is important as a illustrator. I have never really thought about ways to illustrate things such as sound or even how to experience sound itself but while studying Sonic Arts I think that it has widened my view and understanding of the world.

I have never really heard of Sonic arts before I had joined the course, and as a music lover I thought that it would be great to take a look into this subject and maybe learn a few things for my outside interests as well as illustration. But it tort me more than what I thought I was going to learn and even brought back some songs which I loved to listen to in the past. I am new to recording but now feel that I have a much more clear understanding into what to look out for sound wise and even how to add a atmosphere through sound for a better effect that I could use in my own future illustrations if I really wanted to add another element in a exhibition or something. I have learned about how sound and images can compliment each other and even to make sure that I pay a lot more attention to whats around me. A lot like my found objects project in my own subject, the outside world has a lot on offer which can really inspire and add to your work if you are ever in need of it.

From studying this sonic arts I would say that my most favorite part was actually going out to look for sounds. I think that even though my microphone on the phone did not pick up as much of the sound as what I would have liked, it managed to collect a variety of sounds that I hope to create into a piece that represents silence as asked.

To me silence is the absence of creature activity, whenever I think of silence I either think of being trapped inside of box with a lack of air, or I think of a explosion like noise which then fades off into nothing but the wind. I would like to try and recreate something similar to this and in my own time have collected a variety of sounds from both woodland areas, to city stapes which I hope to try and capture what I want to achieve. Silence is pretty hard to recreate but yet can be anything when you think of it as silence does not really exist. Although I have not yet created this sound piece, I feel confident enough to be able to pull off a decent result provided I remember most of what I have learned from lessons. From using the YouTube videos and my sonic art tutors advice I would like to aim at creating a piece to be proud of as a first attempt and hopefully learn how I can include this into my illustrations in future.


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