Christain Sun Kim

Christain Sun Kim I personally found the most interesting sound artist that I have learned about so far. I have decided to look into her the most as she has really opened my eyes on how I see the world and my illustrations in a way. Born deaf Christain feels as though she has never really owned sound itself, and she illustrates through her work what its like to experience a soundless world and how to find sound in other ways.

It is fascinating to think that you can find a artist who has never heard anything at all, who would be able to show people who can hear other ways of experiencing sound and she had really opened my eyes and I find her fascinating to watch.

Christain Sun Kim mainly focuses on the physical forms of sound, and she does this by places paint on canvases and then playing a variety of notes so it sends shock waves up which in the end illustrates sound its self. She talks a lot about the *feeling of sound* rather then hearing it, and as a illustrator it is important to communicate your world and ideas across as well as others. I think that she manages to do this in her work which is why I am going to focus my essay on her.


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