PDP – Subject

During this year I have managed to learn so much about how to see the world and to not take my work too seriously. It may sound as if what I mean to say is not to care about my work which is not the case at all, what I mean is that I need to play around with the world and my ideas a lot more in order to create more interesting things. Usually when I come to working in a project I stick to strict guidelines on how I see the world which tents to end up boring, especially if I was to illustrate a story. My main aim is to learn how to create something that the viewer will find fun to look at, and I think I need to keep in mind what my tutor once said in order to do it is that ‘a magical apple is a lot more interesting than just an apple’. Keeping this in mind is always a good move when it comes to illustrating stories and I personally enjoy it a lot more while I create it. A really good example of a piece of work which really opened my eyes was the playing with composition’s workshop I did where I really went to town on how I seen the world while playing with composition. Using such workshops may seem pointless to some, but they really helped me understand illustration a lot more and how to communicate my ideas across a lot better.


From working on the briefs I think that most I have done came out ok, although there are a few where I allowed old habits to get in the way or I took too much time trying to correct something that has gone wrong. Its knowing when to give up and start over which I need to work on as I sometimes spend too much time on something not good where I could have started over and had better results. That a side most projects have came out the way I intended them too, but as always there is room for improvement and they have given me new ideas that I would like to create in future.


Looking back over this year I think that I need to try and get more confident in what I do and to not allow myself to get too stressed when something goes wrong. I would like to carry on my cartoon practice and even try and work on coming up with some sort of fairy tale story to allow my imagination to run wild which I do not usually do. Doing this will be very interesting to see what I can come up with as while doing workshops like playing with compositions it really surprised me in knowing what I can actually do, and I really like the idea of experimenting further with that as well as learning more techniques.


Another area I feel I need to improve is my actual sketching skills. I can see that I do not sketch enough and this is having a huge impact on my work which should improve with more practice. To do this, I plan on starting a series of sketches in my own time from life and even going to start looking into sketching things such as machines as I hear this will also help me improve things like  my cartooning.


Overall I am pretty pleased with what I have learned and how far I have come. I have learned a lot in terms of composition, colour, story telling and working with others from field, but I also now see what I need to improve on such as keeping on track with sketches in my book, looking into more artists and maybe to taking out more books from the library to help inform my idea more. This whole year has pretty much flown by and I can now start to see what is actually expected from me with my work and presentation. Something I have never really considered is how I actually present my work once it has finished and the importance of keeping a note of what toy have done to help myself look more professional and better in my own practice. I have learned things that I have not really expected to learn through trail and error and this has made me grow as both an illustrator and a person who is now starting to see where I go wrong or right.



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