PDP – field

This is a summary of how my field project went. Field as a whole was aimed at trying to get us working with other people from different disciplines to use as practice for the future as more and more often artists and creators will team up with each other to complete a project. Although this is a lot different to what I have done before, if I am honest I loved the idea with working with others and wanted to learn how well I would cope with merging all my ideas as well as theirs together to then come up with a new project as a whole that is the common ground for us all. This has always been a huge interest of mine as I love working with people and coming up with ideas as a team. You not only get good advice and ideas from each other, but you also get a better outcome as everyone would have their own skills and time that they can add to better the outcome.


To start with we were each given a brief from our own course and also asked to pick one of the three themes which were; The Hidden City, Power & Technology and Migration. Once we had picked a theme we had to work out what we would like to do as a personal response within our own discipline. I feel that once I had found out what I personally wanted to do, when the time came where I had to actually incorporate my idea in with my group, it was already made difficult as we not only had different briefs and ideas, we also needed to have our own roll within the team as this is what the lecturers were mainly looking into. It really made me think about what roll an illustrator would have within such a project, and whether or not I was helping my group out enough to get a decent outcome.


When it actually came to working with my personal group, at first we each found it very hard to get an idea down even after we had brainstormed. Everyone would suggest what they needed to do and as we tried to incorporate everyone’s goals into the group project, it was very difficult to think of an idea that meets everyone’s needs. Because of this, not everyone will always be happy with everything done which is the whole point of getting used to working with other people, as we need to learn when to push or not push ideas. A good example of when not to push an idea is when most people within the group want to go one route while you being the minority would have to give the majority a chance with their route. These are all things which I have learned while working with other people along with how people work and what to do if you feel that something is going wrong. As an illustrator I feel that it is important to understand people and to be able to communicate ideas well through drawings as well as talking. I also think that it is important for the future, as in the end any creator will have to understand what people actually like or want to make any money.


Looking back over what I have done during this project I think that I have done well for a first try. I made sure that I was always on hand encase people needed any help with anything and I also made sure I did everything set on time as I knew that if I was to stall and lag behind it would effect other people which I didn’t like the idea of. Examples of my input within this project were suggesting adding characters to the building fact app for more interest, and I also came up with the name Glimpse that others seemed to like and use. The end result was a app which would have characters telling you from their point of view what the building the viewer was looking at is about. Although its very basic and only in Cardiff right now, I think that this could develop into something very cool where we could have the characters come alive and walk along your screen while they tell you the facts. This could also expand so that we have interesting facts for buildings around the world and not just Cardiff. I think that this would attract more people into learning sometimes boring facts,  would also be interesting in seeing what character pops up to tell you in their point of view about the building if we were to take this further. While that being another idea we could do in future, overall I am very pleased with the result and would love to work with others in future.

Areas to improve on here I would say is to probably read more books and sketch a lot more.


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