Idea walk through

Becky (design & maker) presenting idea

Becky (design & maker) presenting idea

This is showing a picture of the idea which Beck from design and making had came up with and even gone through the efforts of creating a visual picture for us to look at while we planned further. The reason why I would like to talk about this photograph is because I would like to show people how far and much our finial outcome had changed from us feeding off each others ideas which in the end creates a much more stronger outcome in my view.

The idea here is very much the same as before with *holding up your phone to show the historical element of a old building* but just before we had opted the use of a character to tell you the story instead of straight forward facts. The original plan was to just hold up the phone and the building i.e the Pier head in this case, would turn into a picture or illustration showing what it would have looked like in the past. However after presenting and feeding ideas off each other we decided to mix things up a little bit and try to make things a little more fun to look at by adding in the use of characters. We realized that our idea could get too similar to current informational sources such as Wiki which we really did not want to happen. Because of this we discussed about adding in something that could make us stand out from other apps and websites, and thought that the character idea was the way to push this project forward.

This new idea would again be the same as before, although if we were to actually make the app each character would appear on your screen and literally tell you about the building that you are looking at but this time in their own view. Personally I think that it adds a more personal and fun vibe to the app and we can even make it so that the app is constantly interesting and changing even though you are only looking at one building. A idea I had was that maybe we could design and create a system of characters, each with their own lives and views that pop up randomly on the screen to tell you information. This would mean that the viewer will not have to change building or have the full picture as each character offers different viewpoints and maybe even linking the building in with their own lives adding a more humor and personal touch and setting us ahead of other similar apps.


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