Field Personal work – Outcome






Again I will like to apologizes because these are not the actual final pieces 😛

like the ones before I had forgotten to take a picture of them all fully tweaked and ready before submitting for marking, so this will have to do for now as its the same thing although without some lines and each with a much nicer clean frame. I will have to update everything I have messed up on photo wise when I get my work back.

But looking back over what I have done for this project I think that it has been the more enjoyable and successful simply by the simply fact of planning ahead which I seemed to had messed up on in the past. Each picture came out grate and as experimental as they are, I also think that they are very interesting to look at and I have managed to link in my own ideas to my groups. I can not really see these being used as much bar something which a person would buy just to play around with and maybe collect personally. I think they look much better as a series although single use is also pretty nice and I think that I have managed to show Cardiff in its true form and glory. If I had to change anything I would probably like to work on the frames a lot more. I feel that they have really let me down with the outcome because I had messed up creating them and they were a little too flimsy at first until I added paper supports in each corner’s gap to strengthen them a little. Even when I had fixed that problem I was still left with a very messy job where I could see gabs in the frame. That aside I loved taking part in this project and have learned so much about planning, how to present my work (series looks best) and even expanded on something which I love (use of charcoal).



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