Field Personal work – Creating the Final

After I had finished with the coal piece testers and was satisfied with the results, I then moved onto looking at combining both the coal and the line art work of the buildings. I started out by testing out different layers of paper to see how many layers would suit my needs, because I wanted to have each piece not too clear like tracing papers which allowed people to see both images at once straight away thus no longer needing the third element of light, instead I wanted it to just be able to see when you hold each piece up to the light and the stronger the more detailed. This had proven very tricky in its self and took some time to get my head around, although in the end I had opted for this certain type of paper which I feel worked great for the job. I can not really explain it too well so instead I will show you what I mean.


no light

no light

with light

with light

As you can see, it goes from one image which will look pointless, into something a lot more interesting and with more of a concept behind. I thought about using classic buildings that I enjoyed the look of in Cardiff to be placed on top of a piece of hidden coal to in a way bring back that certain bit of history a lot like our app. People do not tend to look at the building and think *I bet the reason why that is here is because of coal* which when you think about it, it makes Cardiffs past a little hidden unless you go out of your way to find it and really coal did play an important part with creating that building because Cardiff as a city was built up to export a very high demand of coal in its past which in itself shows the power of such a little object.

Another thing I should really point out is that my final pieces was heavily influenced by William Kentridge in terms of how he creates these weird dark worlds which reminds me of shadow art. Here are the examples of the ones I had personally used which really helped spark up this idea in a way;

William Kentridge

William Kentridge

Again sorry about the quality, I need to take photos of my sketchbook again and these are what I have on my camera at the time. But again you can see how this had given me my idea in terms of playing around with the light and I have even tried to incorporate that dark round border into each of my pieces later on to make them look more complete.



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