Field Group work – Final Outcome

This was a brief where I had to join up with other people from different disciplines to come up with a common theme and project. The idea for this brief was to give us some experience with working with other people so we know what it could be like in a real situation in future. Personally this was my most favorite brief set so far as I have always loved the idea with working with others because I can see the how much of a difference it can make to the outcome and even have a lot more fun on the way to creating it.

My group and I came up with an idea on the theme of ‘Power/hidden’ which was aimed to teach people more about certain historical buildings within Cardiff Bay in a fun manner. We felt that this linked in nicely with most of our projects and also allowed everyone room to have their own input into the outcome as well as to inform their own personal outcome.

The idea is that we were to create a app, which would allow the user to scan a certain building of their interest, which would then take you onto a page where you’d have characters telling you in their point of view facts about the building. I personally suggested adding in the characters as I felt that there was already similar apps out their which would tell you facts about buildings. This would allow us the advantage of being a lot more fun to use than normal information apps, as we can add humor and a lot of different characteristics with each character which would tell you their thoughts.

While creating the app, we came across a problem with getting people to see the information when they had scanned as they were unable to actually go outdoors. So we later decided to simplify it by adding QR codes onto a map of Cardiff Bay instead. This would do the same thing as the scanning the buildings outdoors and also allowed us to show people as a proposal to the idea.

Images of Hardware:



The images above show the proposal and what the screen of the app would actually look like if we were to make it.

Once you had scanned the QR code it would then automatically take you to the website where you would find out about the building. I personally think that this is a area that I would like to improve or change on if we were to actually make it, because I would like too see the characters walk along your screen and be totally randomized than to have a set website which could be a little too similar to wiki. Although for a start this is a great way to show people what we intend to do as the app was actually alive and working in a basic form.


Images of Software:

The homepage.

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 02.30.58

the about page.

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 01.56.02

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 01.56.58Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 01.56.34

I think that overall this project as came out pretty decent as we managed to work well as a group and finish all tasks we set ourselves. If I had total control over this project I would probably like to have just create an advert for the app showing the virtual characters walking along the screen and then pointing/talking about each historical building. We have the basics done already and I personally can see it being a very good idea if we were to actually make it. We could allow lots of room for humor and other characteristics which as an end results creates and informational source like no other.

Collaboration partners;

Jack.R – Graphic designer
Becky.D – Design & Maker
Aled.J – Product Designer
Bethan.N – Textile maker
Arron.H – illustrator/myself 😛

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