Field Group – Glimpse Character creation


Miner Character design – Miner Photoshop creation

Once I had got the go ahead from the group I went ahead and started creating the digital characters ready to use for the app. This was using the software Photoshop and layers of pencil I had used from the sketches to give the coal that gritty look.


The photographs below show the designs I had made for a person within the group before and after he had told me what to change.

Glimpse Character design (before) - Arron Hamer

Glimpse Character design (before) – Arron Hamer

Glimpse Character design (after) - Arron Hamer

Glimpse Character design (after) – Arron Hamer

This is the sort of stuff which I made sure I practiced while taking part in the group field stuff, as I really think that illustration needs to be exactly how someone else visualizes their character and I need to be able to translate their ideas into drawings. I personally feel that I have done well with this example as I think I had managed to create a character which is what my friend was after and again able to take any feedback given and translate it into an outcome which is very important.

Photo of me painting the train conductor character design.


This is a photograph which I pretty much had to show because I find it funny. While I was painting *tyd* I had a problem trying to get him to look like he was shouting. Instead it was looking more like he was having a giant strop which I found pretty funny and it made me have to change the design personally a little bit from the above to what the final outcome is below.

Final outcome of two of our characters.

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 22.28.18 Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 22.27.52

The quality is not the best because these are screen shots taking from our website of my most favorite character designs. We were planning to create lots of different characters and even made Roald Dahl which is very interesting.




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