Field Personal work – Working towards final

As part of the field group collaborative work found in the field section. We were also each asked to create our very own personal responses towards the ‘City’ while using what we had learned from working with the group.

As I had first chosen Power, I started out by researching into Cardiff ‘s history to find out what I could source out with the importance of coal in its history however as I worked with my group I felt as if my personal project had started to swing more towards the hidden side of the city while still keeping the powerful history in its past. (coal being the powerful element to Cardiff’s past)

The picture below shows the hard copy of the outcome me and my group had created in an attempt to present our idea to others more easily.


The idea of this was that we would interact with the viewer by getting them to use their Qr scanner on their smartphones to scan the Qr codes which would then take you onto our webpage that would tell you everything about the area that you had just scanned. Looking at what we had did I wanted to try and use a similar idea in my own work in terms of the hidden side reveling all by adding in another element to the piece. In this case I had decided to look into light and how it can effect the paper which allows two pictures on both sides of the single sheet of paper to become one image. This was the final idea I had planned after taking in advice from my peers and tutors while presenting old work.

For this project I looked into a book and took photographs of pictures which had interested me.


Reference from book

Reference from book

reference from book

reference from book

I need to get the name of the book and will update when I have, but the above is showing two examples of pictures which helped fuel my project in the start. They were done by using charcoal and which I thought could represent coal very nicely and even have a certain emotional element to them which I also like. I have always loved to use charcoal and chalk, and pictures like this really inspire me to create more pictures using that media as it is something that I really love doing and I personally have a lot more of a connection with my chalk pieces because of its feeling and I am able to get decent results out of it. Because of this after I had finished sketching out the buildings around me, I went ahead and started to experiment with recreating coal pieces using charcoal.

Coal testers


I am going to have to reload this picture when ever I can as the quality is not the best. But this is the coal testers I had created to start with. Another thing I want to add is that I have never really used ‘Fixative’ before, so this was a new area for me to expand with and I personally loved using it as it manages to safe the detail for a lot longer!

I am not sure how long this will stay fresh and crisp, but the use of fixative as really helped me prolong the illustrations life which usually by now would have been smudged or in a bad state.




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