Updated Prophecy project

From looking at the feedback off my tutor, I have gone back to this project and tried to make each poster a lot more clear as I agree that my outcome really did not work in the first attempt.

Although I am still unhappy with the outcome in attempt two, I think that it is a lot better than the first and think that my concept was the main reason why I have had a bad outcome due to it not making much sense.

poster 1  poster2v2  poster3


Inspired by;



The pictures above are some of the examples of posters that I liked and took some influence from in order to help me with my own posters. I did also take out a book from the library while planning this project in the start, and think that I need to start paying a lot more attention to what the books and other influences have on offer to help me with my design rather then to try and work it out for myself. I am going to use this project as prime example of how things can go wrong if I do not take notice of whats going on around me and try to teach myself in other words as it can not always go right and if it does not I need to keep in mind to know when to restart.

During projects like this it has been a real learning curve for me personally, as although I still feel that I have managed to improve the outcome, it has really shown a lot of importance into the preparation of the work which in this case I did not do too well and would like to improve on this for the future. The key is to look into more influences, and then try to get a much better understanding in my head and sketch book as to what I actually would like the pieces to look like in the end, and if it was to go wrong stick to maybe trying to fix it for no more than three days as opposed to spending too much time and effort on an outcome which could have been improved a lot more if I had restarted a lot sooner.

Another thing I would not like to try again is the three posters which make up one idea. I also now agree from a peer that the idea of a poster is to be very clear in its message and to maybe stand clear on its own rather then needing three to see the full picture. This might have played a big roll in making my job and the viewers a lot more harder to understand what is actually going on and the message I am trying to say. The message was meant to show how games and reality will change in future, I thought of a kid playing a game in his own home which is then controlling a robot trying to fight a real war elsewhere on earth, but looking back at the concept as a whole I really would have liked to change it all as I think that it is not only clear but it is not very interesting personally and I could not really use it for anything rather then decoration for the very few people who would like such poster.


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