Field group work – Idea for name and logo



This is a picture of the name and logo I had created ready to be presented to the group. It might sound a little stupid but I am pretty proud of this design because I think that both the name and logo link in very nicely with our project idea which was to show people more facts on a building when they hold up their smart phone to a building. I tried to show this within our logo with the finger print which is meant to act like the smart phone in a way that is showing the viewer something which they can not normally see, in the apps case it would be our characters that we had created and the facts about the building in the characters own point of view.

However after I had presented this idea to the group we each decided to only use the name *Glimpse* for the app and maybe look into a more graphic design to use for the logo. This is one idea that even though I was very proud about I am always more than happy to listen to what others have to say and also go with the majority of the team which I think is one thing that our tutors wanted us to learn a lot more about. From doing things like this and actually listening to other peoples advice I know that each and every result will come out a lot more better than if one person was to just sort it out. For example we used the name I had came up with, and a graphic designers logo he made to come up with a more stronger better final outcome using joint effort from everyone within the group which we seemed to do very well which I loved!



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