Prophecy project – Character designs + Concept

To start this project we all had to pick one of three choices, which were;

  1. Animation
  2. Printmaking
  3. Another puppet show (group work)

As this was only a three week project, I didn’t want to do animation as I think that I would personally need a lot more time to get decent results, nor did I want to do another puppet show project again where I had not long ago done similar. So I had decided to go with printing which I had done a little with before this course, but as I have only done a bit, I thought that it would be a good idea to go back into the subject and try a method which I haven’t done before. This was going to be screen printing, but there was too many people doing the same and I simply took too much time trying to design the actual posters, because of this I took a friends and tutors advice and looked into stencil work. Again this was another method that was new to me at the time, and I am still able to mass produce the pieces.

Chosen Poster concept; I want to aim at showing people how technology will change in future using a very optimistic approach to try and break old habits of being too serious. The idea is to create three posters with a boy playing a game at home which is then controlling a real robot in reality that is fighting a war. My aim is to not make an informational poster but one that is fun to look at and to experiment with how to approach a poster by playing with its layout.

To begin this project, I spent too much time in my mind, trying to come up with a concept which I wanted to use. I knew that I wanted to create a series of three posters, and when I had finally came up with the designs and concept, I later had problems with trying to come up with unique designs which were no where near the same as my influence. I took some books out of the library to try and find a good style that I thought would work for this project, but once I had found a style it was difficult to try and make it more of my own work without it looking too similar to my influence. Because of this I moved away from looking at other peoples work and began to figure out a new way where I can create my own unique designs while using a friend cartoonist’s advice.

Picture I felt was too similar to Jamie Hewlett's piece

Picture I felt was too similar to Jamie Hewlett’s piece


Designs of robot

Designs of robot

Heads of kid designs

Heads of kid designs

The pictures above are what I had done from my friends advice. Here I am using the same technique as what he uses while trying to create his cartoon characters which is to start out by drawing basic circles which I then tried to add character to. This technique really did help me get my cartooning a little bit better although I really found it hard to get decent results as this is something that I am very new too and in the end took a lot more time then what I had expected and I did not even keep all of my mistakes which in future I really need too.

Once I had finished some designs and got decent results, I then chosen one that I thought was the best and worked back into it more to refine. Result:

kid scan


This is a example of the refined designs I had made ready to be used for my posters. This character for example I was really proud of because I had managed to capture what I had imagined him to look like in my mind but still as always there is plenty of room to improve the quality of my drawings. A good way to improve cartooning is to draw a lot of things like people and mechanical objects to help improve my understanding into how things are meant to look like and drawing skills. Another good point I had learned from doing this is that every character needs to show its characteristics to help create them. I know this will sound very stupid at first, but while creating this it really helped me come up with a design when I understood exactly what I wanted to capture. For example if the character is strong, define everything that you think makes him look strong. This could be by drawing big arms and shoulders down to a very defined strong jaw line. This is something that I can not really explain well but will hope to work on in future if I want to carry on creating more cartoons.


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