Time Passing

For this brief we were each told to pick an area within Cardiff which we found most interesting. Within this area the idea was to try and capture ‘time passing’ throughout different stages of time itself, and to then finally come up with a final piece using one of the chosen lengths of time.

These included; seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and even years where we would have to keep revisiting our chosen areas and try and get inspiration for a final piece from it.

Although I have never really been a fan of city life, it was very interesting to observe it and try looking at it from all different angles of life which is what I wanted to do. This this project I wanted to try and find a area where many people who normally walk past in life and generally take no notice of it, So decided to look into a lane right next to the most busy part of Cardiff.

At first I went into the lane and took a few photographs showing ‘time passing’ through out the say of people simply walking past to try and get some ideas.

Examples: (each done every second)

movement 9movement 8movement 7movement 6

Although I simply thought that this was too obvious for me to be doing, I later moved onto seeing how lighting would effect this area so began to take photographs throughout the day until the lighting of the area has changed since the start to see if the atmosphere would also have changed.

Pictures throughout the day:

Cardiff-20131108-001Cardiff-20131108-003Cardiff-20131108-009Cardiff-20131108-010IMG-20131108-light 001IMG-20131108-light 002IMG-20131111-light 006

A problem that I had faced while taking these photographs is that I didn’t actually notice that there was a light above my head, so once it did become more dark, my phone camera did not pick up enough of the composition and became more of a blur. however, while looking back through my photographs I later tried to incorporate this into my work as it gave me the sense of not knowing much as to what went on outside the lane. This in a way was the opposite to what I first intended to do but I felt at the time that the camera mistake on my phone was very effective and added another element to what I was planning on doing which created a *ghostly, horrific, unknown* atmosphere that as the day went on I felt more aware of.

sketch of lane:                                  Watercolor:

sketchwatercolour 1

Final Outcome:



As a final outcome I am not very happy with the results. I feel although I could have done much better if I wasn’t too boring with my ideas. Although I didn’t really enjoy doing this project, I feel that it was a massive learning experience for me and it has given me a few new ideas which I would like to try out in future. This have also shown me not to be too serious with my drawings and that I can be as imaginative as I like with my projects. Looking at what other people have done in my classroom, I feel that I would have had better results and enjoyed myself a lot more if I really played around with lane idea, and maybe had two rat characters living there while messing around with the guy while he sleeps, rather then just a guy.

For now on in future, I am also going to keep in mind what my lecturer says. ‘A magical apple is more interesting than a normal apple’


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