Workshop – Playing with composition’s

This was an exercise which got me to think about different ways of placing objects within a composition, and how placing them in a certain way can give the viewer different feelings towards it. For example, if I was to have two of the same object but different sizes the bigger one would look a lot closer than the other, however if i was to place the smaller one right in front of the bigger, it would simply look just smaller.

To start this exercise, we were each given two A3 sheets to stick together, a sheet containing pictures random pairs of objects which we had to use, one object being smaller than the other. And lastly we were also given a small list of ‘rules’ if you like.

The things I had to consider in my own piece was;

  • Horizon was to be 10cm and a half
  • Inside
  • Distant
  • behind

While keeping those four things in mind, I then began to create one of the most random but funnest paintings I had ever created.

I started out by drawing in the horizon line on the top of my paper, this was a guideline to everything else that I placed onto the A3 sheets and would also help give a different impression for each object. Once I had done the horizon, I then began to cut out the objects from the paper given, and stuck them down in a variety of ways, which would try and recreate the impressions from the words given.  I tried to take influence from an artist who I had seen during a lecture (forgot his name, trying to find it again) by using the smaller objects to look more distant, and the bigger to look closer. Another thing which I incorporated into my pieces were things which people would recognize. Things such as mountains and trees, all of which people would know of, so they would then subconsciously understand whither something is bigger or smaller in relation to the object its near. While something is as big as a mountain, I placed it near the horizon line to also give us a sense of distance, but also played around with the size of the mountain by places a bottle which is meant to be small right in the middle of the mountain range. This now brings up the question of whither the mountain is real small or the bottle being real big?

This was an area which I mostly enjoyed while creating this piece. I pretty much went off on one from there and played around with the norms of life, trying to trick myself into thinking they are different just by placement and layers.

I could talk about this painting for ages, its not the best thing I have ever done, but it is one of the most fun I have had while painting and I would like to try and do similar in future.

Picture of painting (at current – still going to work on it)



WP_000157 WP_000158


(Media: PVA glue, Acrylic paints, given object pictures.)


While doing this project I think that I can now understand a lot more as to how objects can be effected by both placement and contras to other objects, as pretty much your mind does most of the work. I feel that overall my painting was a success as I managed to recreate from the given words and also trick the mind into thinking different. I tried to make nothing in this painting make sense, and to do this I also didn’t plan this picture at all, everything was totally random to trick myself and hopefully others as well.  Nothing lines up correctly, and nothing makes sense, but still we understand that certain things in that image are closer than others, or more distant which is what I really intended to do.


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