Part 2: Personification – The Trenches; Outcome

Once I had completed this small set and had a feeling as to what I would like my story to look like, I then began to create the final piece while keeping a similar atmosphere as to my set.







While completing this book I noticed something which I did wrong. We were only meant to use up to two colours as a way of getting us to rely more on the composition and drawings within the book. meanwhile I had accidentally used three which I only noticed when I completed around 50% of the pages. However, I still feel that I have managed to draw out some characteristics from the acorns which before this course I would have found very difficult. This shows how powerful placement and tones of objects really are, as even the slightest bend or change can really add a lot of character to a ‘thing’. For my book I have decided to try and take a lot of the elements I had used from my set and use them again in my illustrations. I found that the black really made each character illustration pop out towards the viewer which is one of the main aims I wanted to get out of this project. Although the results are decent and I am pretty happy with them, I think that I could still use a lot more black on the last few pages, and when I get the time I plan on updating each to finalize them further.

What I liked about this project is that it tort me a lot about my surroundings. I do not usually think about picking up things such as acorns and giving them names and story in my life, although this project alone with Personification part one has really made me think about what I have on offer around me and how to use them in the best way to bring out their character. I think that whatever object you do managed to find already has a certain element of characteristic towards them, and with the help of a powerful composition it can really highlight its character more. I think that chosing the right object for your story is just as important as creating it itself, as it will save you a lot of time and effort picking things which suit the roll, a lot like when your trying to find a actor for a movie.

Looking back over this whole project I have learned the importance of composition and even the use of colour as this played a big roll in the atmosphere for my book. Although I had used one too many, I can see that I have managed to create such a landscape which really suffocates its soundings and at the same time allowing my characters to really stand out while also keeping that war horror glare about.


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