Part 2: Personification – The Trenches; Start of project

This is my attempt at the brief *Personification Part 2. This brief is very similar to the one before, although we had to illustrate one of the two war poems that were given and I personally think that it is a more serious concept to work with rather then the one before. This is brief that we had to each create a book for as an outcome, and only using up to two colours and basic found objects, our aim was to draw out all of the characteristics and emotion that object had to offer which forced us into thinking about composition and distortion a lot more to try and achieve the right sense of mood. I personally chosen some found acorns who reminded me a lot of a soldier which in turn made my job a little more easy to get the right atmosphere for my book, as I thought that I could use the acorn’s cupule as a representation of a soldiers helmet.

The chosen poem

Dulce ET Decorum EST(1)

Bent double, like old beggars under

sacks, knock-kneed, coughing like

hags, we cursed through sludge,  Till

on the haunting flares we turned our

backs   And towards our distant rest 

began to trudge.   Men marched asleep.   

Many had lost their boots   But limped

on, blood-shod. All went lame; all

blind; Drunk with fatigue; deaf even

to the hoots   of tired, outstripped

Five-Nines that dropped behind. Gas !

Gas ! Quick, boy ! – An ecstasy of

fumbling,   Fitting the clumsy helmets

just in time;   But someone still was

yelling out and stumbling,   And

flound’ ring like a man in fire or

lime . . . Dim, through the misty

panes and thick green light,  As

under a green sea, I saw him

drowning. In all my dreams, before

my helpless sight,  He plunges at me,

guttering, choking, drowning. If in

some smothering dreams you too could

pace Behind the wagon that we flung

him in,  And watch the white eyes

writhing in his face,  His hanging

face, like the devil’s sick of sin;  If

you could hear, at every jolt, the

blood  Come gargling from the froth-

corrupted lungs,  Obscene as cancer,

bitter as the cud  Of vile,

incurable sore on innocent tongues,

 My friend, you would not tell with

such high zest     To children ardent

for some desperate glory,   The old

Lie; Dulce e Decorum est  Pro patria mori.

Once we had chosen our poems, we were then asked to try and create a set for this story to take place in. This was mainly aimed to help us plan out our stories more as we were able to see in more depth what was going on around and amongst the objects we had chosen.

Photographs of composition I made;

Caerphilly-20131027-00089 Caerphilly-20131027-00090 Caerphilly-20131027-00091 Caerphilly-20131027-00093 Caerphilly-20131027-00094

(Media; Paper mache, Wire, Cardboard, PVA glue & Acrylic paint.)

This is showing some photographs from the set that I had made. I wanted to try and capture the horror of war by placing the acorns in such a way which they appear dead. The chosen colours was mainly black which really contrasts the lighter brown acorns and makes them seem as though they are overwhelmed by the landscape itself and it also makes it a lot harder to see any details within the landscape as I really did not want to draw anyone away from the acorns which I think made them appear more important as a whole. Really they are no more than a acorn which no one really ever cares about, but I thought that I would try and give it a go to see if I can really in a way make people feel sorry for them and maybe relate to them as a person and not a acorn. I think each photo has managed to achieve a certain emotional reaction, and I have managed to capture a few horrifying elements of war.


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