Puppet Show – Under the Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas

Picture of the puppet show scenery I had created

Picture of the puppet show scenery I had created

Here is a picture of the scenery I had created in preparation for the puppet show. One the first day of university we were each told to get into small groups and to work together to create a puppet show based on part of the story ‘Under the Milk Wood’ by Dylan Thomas. This was a story about a small welsh town by the coast, and the people who lived within that town. Each person would have a different story to tell within this town, making the play more diverse and interesting to watch / create as each scene would be a lot different.

The scene my group had chosen was about a blind captain sitting withing a window, while listening to the world go by withing this town. This was a very interesting scene to create, as we had to try and find a away that we could introduce a wide variety of characters withing it and keeping in mind that I also had to build it to suit the characters being made by my other class mates.

At first I was planning on using a slight hint of colour within the background, but then thought that it wouldn’t really go well with the monotone puppets being made, and also thought that water colour wouldn’t be the right move with the old dull feeling I wanted to create. Because of this I later decided to also work within monotones and tried to make the set more less busy by sticking with just pencil. I feel that if I was to use pen like the puppets, it would just look too much a like and take some of the spot light away from the puppets which is a very bad move, as the puppets should be the key focus within the show.

I didn’t get to watch the actual show we had created, but from when we were creating the set and puppets, I think that I have managed to create a decent set which went well with the puppets. However if I was to have more time, I would have liked to work a lot more into the background for deeper colours to represent dampness and I also think that the results would also look a lot better and clearer again.


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